Ios / Intellectual Outputs

Io1: E-learning platform and communication tools

The e-learning platform holds three main roles during 
and after the end of the project. The first is to serve the
training requirements of the project and support the
trainees during the project and after the end as it is a
requirement this platform to be available for a at least
certain period. The second is to serve as communication
tool among the partners and trainees with partners and
teachers. The third role of the platform is as
dissemination tool, either by presenting the overall
activities and partnerships if the project or as channel for
promoting the Intellectual Outputs of the project.


Io2: Legal Frame on UAS use in the participating countries and the EU

The IO2 is addressed to any citizen or potential operator who wishes to understand the requirements of UAS and
be prepared for the national exams. The aim of the IO2 is to transfer the experience of operators who faced certain
difficulties by trying to operate within the legal frame and the state of the art in the European area, therefore providing

a practical view of law implementation.

Io3: Crop Health Analysis, Sensoring and Photogrametry

Io3 presents the different types of sensors used in agriculture and the procedures to develop a map of a field as well as weather and other physical parameters monitoring from distance. It is a core process considering that a farm operator expects this information in order to make his/her decisions. This course is addressed to farmers and agronomists and they will learn the fundamentals of using a UAS with the appropriate sensor to estimate the health of their cultivation and hot to measure elements like water stress and yield estimation.

Io4: Equipment, Uses of UAVs in Precision Agriculture
and Logistics of UAVs

This module refers to technical requirements of UAS used in agriculture. The course module chapters focus on the technology advances of current status in drone market, presenting either multi rotor or polycopter UAS and the use of each category according to aerial works to be done. The module is addressed to experts in the field of agriculture, agricultural insurance and farmers and the main scope is to understand the trainees the basic principles of use, potential benefit and prepare partly for exams organized by national aviation authorities.

Io5: Dissemination Video and smartphone application

Dissemination videos summarize the scope of the project and is used during the dissemination events. All videos in 5 languages summarize the Outputs of the project presenting UAS as systems, sensoring, field mapping and exploitation of results and technology solutions for advanced farm operators. They present the several steps of PA implementation from the preparation of the field to harvesting. The material is used for training purposes and also as promotion material.
The app links to the official website, the e-learning platform, the program’s youtube channel & the Eurocontrol website.

SATI YouTube Channel dissemination videos

SATI application: available on PlayStore