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SATI Newsletters

In order to achieve the project’s objectives, 4 newsletters were distributed electronically to the members of our network and to all those who show an interest in the assessment of the knowledge, skills, and competencies at the local, regional, and European levels by all partners within the lifetime of the project. They were developed and translated into the four relevant national languages and sent to relevant contacts/stakeholders.

SATI Brochure

The project brochure was designed and 
produced into all national languages to support the national dissemination activities.
The digital version was distributed electronically from all partners in order to spread information about the project, its intellectual outputs and especially the e-learning platform that serves the training requirements of the project.



SATI Youtube channel dissemination videos

Dissemination videos summarize the scope of the project and are used during dissemination events. All videos in 5 languages summarize the Outputs of the project presenting UAS as systems, sensoring, field mapping, and exploitation of results and technology solutions for advanced farm operators. They present the several steps of PA implementation from the preparation of the field to harvesting. The material is used for training purposes and also as promotion material.
The app links to the official website, the e-learning platform, the program’s youtube channel & the Eurocontrol website. 

Press releases

Presentation of the SATI Transnational Meeting, which was held in Larissa, in the Bi-Monthly Magazine of the Association of Industries of Thessaly & Mainland Greece. The electronic version of Issue 247 for the months of July – August 2022:


SATI YouTube Channel dissemination videos