Development of the Intellectual Output 1

by | Feb 25, 2022 | SATI | 0 comments

The 1st IO is the development of an e-learning platform, that will play three main roles during and after the end of the project.
The first is to serve the training requirements of the project and support the trainees during the project and after the end, as it is a requirement for this platform to be available for at least a certain period.
The second is to serve as a communication tool among the partners and trainees with partners and teachers.
The third role of the platform is as a dissemination tool, either by presenting the overall activities and partnership of the project or as a channel for promoting the Intellectual Outputs of the project.

All partners are now working on the first intellectual output for the SATI project. The tasks have been divided and soon the platform will be ready and fully functional.

Visit our e-learning platform, which will be continuously updated until the end of the project.



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